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Africa Oil Corp.

Building an integrated Africa based oil company with production, cash flow, development and exploration.

Africa Oil Corp.

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An Africa Focused Oil Company

Recent News

October 1, 2020
Africa Oil Announces Favorable Prime RBL Redetermination
September 9, 2020
Africa Oil Receives Kenya License Extension
August 30, 2020
Africa Oil Receives Fourth Dividend from its Nigerian Asset
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Recent Financial Reports

Recent Financial Reports

2020 Second Quarter Report

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Odfjell's Deepsea Stavanger Mobilised

Odfjell's Deepsea Stavanger Mobilised

Africa oil Operations

Africa Oil Corp. is a Canadian oil and gas company with a diversified African portfolio.  The Company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stockholm under the symbol “AOI”.  Africa Oil has transitioned to a full cycle E&P growth vehicle with production, cashflow, world-class development as well as significant exploration upside.   The Company’s portfolio includes development (Kenya Lokichar Basin), production (Kenya and Nigeria Deepwater) and exploration (Kenya, South Africa and Deepwater Equity Investment) assets.

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Full Cycle Growth Vehicle with Production, Cash Flow, Huge Exploration Upside and a World Class Development Project

The Company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and on Nasdaq Stockholm under the symbol "AOI".

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Full Cycle Growth